Colorado Springs Music

Music and Colorado Springs go hand-in-hand. There are numerous music academies, stores, and venues in Colorado Springs that fully represent all genres of music. Here are a few of the best places in town to enjoy live, local and international music.


The Loft is a music venue and events center that always has something exciting going on. The Loft is home to swing dancing, improv performances, special events like weddings, and live music! Local musicians perform at The Loft on occasion, and you can also always count on the Wednesday nights that are packed full of dancing and music!


For a different type of music, head to The Black Sheep. The venue is an all-ages, live music performance area for local bands. The Black Sheep is home to rock, hip-hop, indie, and everything in between. Keep up on the events calendar to catch all of your favorite local bands!


The Stargazers Theatre and Event Center is one of the most unique and exciting venues in Colorado Springs. Originally built as a cinema back in the 1960s, the venue was converted into a theatre and event center in 2008. Residents of Colorado Springs can enjoy theatrical and musical performances by people from all over the world. The theatre can seat over 500 people who will enjoy concerts in all genres of music throughout the year. The venue also has a full bar and appetizers! Be prepared for a great night out!