Colorado Springs History

The original inhabitants of the City of Colorado Springs were the Ute, Arapahoe, and Cheyenne people. The area was a part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, and in 1854, was designated as part of the Kansas Territory. After also becoming a part of the Jefferson Territory, the area finally settled as a piece of El Paso County in 1859.


The Colorado Springs Company established both La Font and Fountain Colony in 1871, though La Font is now known as Manitou Springs and Fountain Colony is now known as Colorado Springs. In 1873, Colorado Springs became the county seat of El Paso. The city experienced multiple annexations during the late 1880s and early 1890s, increasing the population. In 1919, the first aircraft flights in the city were hosted out of the neighboring city of Broadmoor’s fields. The Original Colorado Springs Municipal Airport opened in 1927, solidifying the city’s relevance in flight.


During World War II, Peterson Field opened for the United States Army Air Forces’ use. Though the air base was deactivated at the end of the war, it reopened in 1951 for use as a headquarters during the Cold War. Throughout the Cold War, Colorado Springs established itself as a prime city for military use, which is still true to this day.


Today, Colorado Springs is known for its key educational institutions as well as its military background. The University of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College, and Colorado Technical University are all located in the city.