Colorado Springs Charities

Colorado Springs is home to some of the best charities in the entire state. There are plenty of worthwhile causes to get involved in as a Colorado Springs resident. Whether you are looking to donate to or volunteer with a cause, there are plenty of opportunities in the city. Here are a few of our favorite nonprofit organizations in town.


Care and Share Food Bank
2605 Preamble Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80915


The mission of the Care and Share Food Bank is to provide food, education, and opportunities to fight hunger in Southern Colorado. The ultimate goal of the food bank is to end hunger in the state. Care and Share Food Bank has been working to provide food to the community since 1974.


National Mill Dog Rescue
PO Box 88468
Colorado Springs, CO 80908


The National Mill Dog Rescue focuses on the rehabilitation of dogs that have been used for breeding without proper care. NMDR was established in 2007 after the founder rescued a dog that was used for breeding purposes without any veterinary care. The nonprofit organization not only rescues these dogs, but helps to find loving forever homes.


Springs Rescue Mission
5 West Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Since 1996, the Springs Rescue Mission has been working to help make a difference in the lives of Colorado Springs’ residents. The charity works to provide food, clothing, supplies, and other services to those in need.